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Frequently asked questions

Order Street Candy ATM400 directly from our Shop in packs of 10 or 20 rolls, or from one of our many resellers.

ATM400 develops like any other black and white films. You can find below the times and dillutions for most common developer.

For other developers and pushing/pulling processing, we recommend following the chart of Ilford HP5+. More information on the Massive Dev Chart.

⚠️ When handing over your rolls to a lab, make sure to mention that we use recycled film canisters if they process black and white film in machines.

No, at the moment we use recycled film canisters so our film doesn’t come with DX code. When shooting ATM400 with point and shoot camera, if you can’t set the ISO manually the camera will most likely expose it at 100. You can either add +2 stops using the Exposure Compensation feature, or pull the film during development. Please note that pulling film may decrease contrast.

Yes, we recommend pushing ATM400 up to one stop. Beyond, contrast might increase too much and risk of loosing shadowsdetails.

You can download the Street Candy ATM400 Datasheet here.